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     Founded in 1983, L & L Industries has progressed steadily to become a leader in machining, and metal fabrication services.  A high standard of customer service and a solid commitment to quality is the reason for our success.

     Located on I-75 between Atlanta, GA and Chattanooga, TN, we are strategically positioned to provide easy shipment of goods nationwide by truck, by plane from Atlanta's Hartsfield, and by ship from Savannah, Brunswick, and Jacksonville.

    We firmly believe that experienced, properly trained employees are the key to achieving customer satisfaction.

     This family-owned job shop has developed an integrated fabrication and machine shop in order to satisfy customers' changing needs.  Metalworking is traditionally divided into two main types of job shops. There are machine shops and fab shops. Increasingly, job shop customers of both stripes are looking to work with fewer vendors. They are driving a move toward integration of these two processes.

To satisfy this trend, many machine shops are sub-contracting with fab shops and vice-versa to keep customers happy. While that works well for some, a few shops have abandoned sub-contracting in favor of putting machining and fabricating under their own control.


    Here at L&L we take pride in our dedicated team members that take pride in their work.  We have the flexibility and turn around times to make critical projects a afterthought.  


500 Industrial Dr.  White, GA 30184

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